Tuesday, 5 April 2011

GAS-OUT April 15, 2011

Does everyone know about this: "Don't Pump Your Gas on April 15, 2011"? supposedly in April 1997, there was another one of these "gas out"s to protest the gas prices and gas plummetted 30 cents per litre? What??? Ok, so I went to check it out because maybe I just don't remember a boycott in '97? But I remember hearing of one...maybe it was 1999? Well, anyways, it goes on to say that it will put a dent in the gas business and to fill up the day before (14th) or the day after (16th). You know what I think: what the hell? let's do it! I'm supporting. Every little bit helps...even though I don't think it will but if we stand as one - we can do anything - and that's something I do believe. So my pledge is: Check my tank on April 13-14th to make sure I have gas and NOT fill on the 15th. Best of luck everyone trying to do the same (I am notorious for waiting for my car to yell at me when the tank is low!)

Ok, I like this and I just wanted to add it .. fitting, no?

Who's with me?

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