Friday, 29 July 2011

Mustang the New Cadi?

I'm driving down the 401 this morning and guess what I see? A pink Cadillac CTS! My first thought is: Is that one of those Mary Kay Cadillacs? Sure enough I increase my speed (to an undisclosed speed; I don't want a ticket here!). Sure enough it says Mary Kay on the side. I didn't know why but I suddenly felt proud of the woman driving it because I know you need to move up ranks to get that 2 year lease. I rolled down my window and sure enough she wasn't paying any attention to me so I drove past and went on my way. Watching the car in my rearview I was still smiling.

This is what the Cadi looks like
Mary Kay changing tradition?

Funny that I see this car when just yesterday I read in Autoweek that Mary Kay was going the Mustang way. What? Exactly! They are breaking tradition and now going to give away BLACK MUSTANGS! (with pink accessories no less). Now, what I read (through the lines) in the article was either Mary Kay upper-echelon has suddenly lost their minds and thought "hey, Mustang, ya, that's a sign of prestige". Again, what?!! OR, someone at Ford was "bribing" ( know) that they should have a "mutual" agreement. I can understand Lincoln, but a Ford Mustang?! I can understand maybe Mary Kay's new sales ladies are younger, more hip, but Mustang?!

Mustangs compliment Cadillacs?

Mary Kay did say that they will still loan the famous Cadillacs to sales directors who sell in the top tier of $100,000 a year or more. The Mustang though will go to independent beauty consultants who reach the level of sales director. "We think is a great complement to the pink Cadillac,” said Mary Kay's Sheryl Adkins.

In recent years mid level sales directors were offered their choice of the Toyota Camry and Chevy Equinox. Now these sales team members will be able to roll in style with the Mary Kay adding the Mustang as an option. The pink Cadillacs, which are reserved for the highest selling sales team members, will remain their ultimate rolling trophy.

Cadillac: Still the Ultimate Rolling Trophy?

Ok, I do understand the Mustang being better than the Camry and Equinox (sigh of relief). Cadillac is still the Ultimate "Prize" for Mary Kay. Thank you Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Best & Worst Cars

There are so many manufacturers and so many cars on the market. Sometimes it's hard to remember all the vehicles that are available in, say, the Luxury Sedan market or Best Low Cost vehicle. Here are some lists that may come handy in you narrowing down what's best for you this time around: Best/Worst Cars

New Hyundai Elantra