Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Drunken Jaguar Designer: 2011 Infiniti M37X

If my girlfriend knew this car was in my showroom she would flip: the 2011 M37X. Her dream car - Yawwzaaaaah! Nice and shiny; just brought over by the dealer for some lucky big spender to enjoy for 36 months of his or her life.  I walk by it with my colleague and just stand there admiring. My colleague looks at it in disgust and says he just doesn't like the M. What? This can't be true - not like the M? He says "It's too curvy for me.... this is supposed to be a car not a woman!". So, he likes curvy women but not curvy sedans. Go figure.

Check out the curves on the sides

He continues berating the interior: "Look! It's like a drunken jaguar designer made this interior". Ok, this comment makes me ask, "What?". "Yes, like he was trying to create a classy Jag interior and was just too drunk to do it". He shows me the knobs and how weirdly they are placed on the dash. The knob is high and you have to drop your wrist to turn it - makes you rethink if it's worth lifting your hand for. Ok, maybe he has a point there. Honestly, I have never liked the look of the steering wheel on the Infiniti's but that doesn't mean I'd take the vehicles off my Richter scale. The cockpit does have a classy feel and I have to say I do feel like a million bucks in the driver's seat..what the hell, in the passenger seat too.

The knob is just a little too high
I look at the paint and mistake it for black, no wait burgundy? Wait, this is the notorious Malbec Paint isn't it? I hadn't seen it up close until now - wow - really nice. For someone who gets bored with paint colour, this colour's for you! At one angle it's black, the other it's red-burgundy. Reminds me of black cherry? on the Cadi's I think it was? It just takes that luxury vehicle look one step higher: I'm better than you - my manufacturer put 2 colours on me! (you think this could be a line in the new Disney: Cars 2?)
Close shot of the Black - it's burgundy!

And be still my heart - BOSE! I can just feel my eardrums bursting.
Check out the logo

So, who wants an overpriced Nissan? I do, I do!
P.S. I'm taking orders - they are forseeing a shortage - who wants??
Photos (and there's a video!) stolen from Edmunds.

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