Monday, 22 August 2011

Who wants a luxury hatch with a 4 cylinder engine? 2012 BMW X1

Thank you to Sean at BMW who gave me the 2012 BMW X1 for the day to enjoy.

What's Nice?

Small engine and seemed pretty fuel efficient (2.0L TwinTurbo inline 4cyliner engine)
Had the Sport Package so the rims where nicer ($1500 option)
Didn't have the Harmon Kardon Sound System upgrade but sounded great anyways

Grill is aggressive so you don't feel like you are driving a "cheaper" BMW - is there such a thing?

Nice BIG lights!

XDrive BABY!

Gotta have the Nav!

In motion! Don't hit the truck!

I like the crease down the side - gives it character

New trademark lights from the new 5 and 7 series

X1, baby - what did you think we were looking at?

What's Not?

The features that you can tack on this baby add up! $15,000 worth!
Where was the wood trim package? ($585 option) Gotta love the wood, gives it that "classy" character.

Same room as the old bodystyle X3

Sport Package rims
Did you know that it is only available in Canada right now? Finally we get something first!

What do you think?