Sunday, 27 February 2011

Automotive Darwinism

I don’t know who coined the term but it’s very fitting. According to CNNMoney, Volvo announced that it is killing off its V70 Wagon and it’s giving the V50 Wagon one year to prove itself. Death to the Station Wagon!

So little room for improvement that Volvo decided to kill it

Delayed death for the V50

Supposedly the transition started after the 1973 oil crisis when American buyers were turning away from them to cut their gas bills. The 1980’s – the minivan was the designated people mover (damn Chrysler!). The 1990’s – SUVs. The 2000’s – Crossovers.

Even though Volvo has decided to kill off this species other brands like Audi, Mercedes, and BMW are still offering wagons and of course the new contender: Cadillac, with the CTS Wagon.  Ford also has the Flex, which they seem to keep far away from the word "wagon" (calling it a CUV) – go figure! I guess, the word will kill sales?

Ford's "it's not a wagon" Flex Crossover

It will be a shame to see them go but as Charles Darwin said “its not survival of the strongest but survival of the fittest”!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Some Impressions From Toronto Auto Show Part 3


Walking past Mitsubushi, no "blips" on the Richter sale. That Lancer hatch though, ok, that is nice. 0.5 on the Richter.


Mercedes has a pretty large show spot (as usual) but so many people are swarming around. I have some ideas as to why: they scare people away from their showrooms with their snooty hostess' and pretentious salespeople? I doubt it. I think it's just to get a new profile photo on Facebook "Look at my new wheels! Can't afford the payments so I left the car in the showroom but I got this snazzy photo!" I go straight for the S-class. Move over! That car is mine! Oh God: woodtrim,'s just the wrong colour! But I did take my snazzy photo :)

Me in the S-Class

Lexus: There's the infamous IS-F with the signature blue paint colour. I have actually started that engine and driven it. It's just 416 horses of OMG! That engine roars. I got tingly all over and I think I lost blood to my head! What an experience. Anyways, we finally get to see the LFA in the flesh. I still don't understand why Toronto is the last place to get the concept cars. Not fair. How many do you think Lexus will sell of these in Canada? 4? I still have to check out the projected price-tag on that baby.

Lexus LFA Concept - Bling Bling!

Check out the pipes - Yah, that's 3!

Next is Scion. I love the idea of Scion: the whole customization, etc, etc. but no interest in the actual cars. They did have this cute Blue Scion Concept Coupe. I'm all about the blue.

Interior Shot of the Scion Coupe Concept

The 100 levels had the classic cars, like the 1931 Cadillac and the Ford Fairlane. A must see for the classic car lover. I'm just a classic car viewer (I do have the odd favourite though).

1931 Cadi


There were also some Lambos, Maseratis, Bentley, Ferrari's, etc. Oh! and the $795,000 Canadian built HTT Plethore. How many do you think will be sold of those? I think I'd rather buy:

a) 7 Panamera's
b) 2  ZR-1's and 5 Panamera's
c) 1 CTS-V Coupe, 1 regular CTS Coupe, 1 ZR-1, 1 Panamera, 1 Aston Martin,  and hmmm 1 Used Bentley Continental Coupe?

Like a kid spending her lottery win. I'm not there yet, but soon.

Check out the rims!

Not a fan of the blacked-out rims

Backside of the Plethore

And, can't forget my favourite: CADILLAC, baby!!! My coupe has finally made it to the AutoShow. I left the show in tears when it didn't show last year. V series and regular CTS coupe and also the V-Wagon. Can you imagine driving a V-Wagon? look out AMG-Wagon here I come!

All about the V!

Tailpipes on the V-Coupe

Tailpipe on the CTS-Coupe

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Some Impressions From Toronto Auto Show Part 2

So, next up was Hyundai. I really think with their new designs they are positioned to cause serious threat to Toyota, GM, and Ford. Good thing we have some great Hyundai dealers with us. When they blow up, we will to. Only thing: their leasing sucks. Fine! it's decent, but their residuals are lower than I think they should be. Enough with my complaints..That Elantra, I had to take a double-take. Is that seriously the car I use to get ill looking at? Yah, that's the one! Nice looking compact. Move over Corolla (#1 selling vehicle in the world)! That Genesis coupe: also nice. Did I mention when I was working for a GM dealer I lost 2 deals to that Genesis Coupe and 3 to the Elantra Touring? I should hate Hyundai, but I digress. The Genesis Sedan: I think I'm in love, seriously. The re-designed Sonata, also top notch. Is there something I don't like in their line-up? Thinking.....I'm not the biggest Accent fan, or the Santa-Fe, but I like the Tucson.

Me in the Genesis

Oh yah...they also had their funky plug-in hybrid on a spinner. Check out the pictures.

Check out the cool blue back-lighting

It plugs in where?

Suicide Doors!!!

Funky Interior

Welcome to the future, babe!

Ok, next: VW. The New Jetta, GTI Golf, the EOS - Anyone want a $40,000 VW Coupe? I find VW interiors very boring. Am I the only one?

In funky blue, no doubt.

Ok, Chrysler...Did you know they were re-doing their interiors? Guess, I wasn't paying attention. And Jeep - my favourite! They also had a nice Blue Wrangler there.

Yes, it was manual!

There I am pointing out the name on the car

Moving on.. Fiat. I think the best thing about their booth was the girls. Every single one of them was good-looking and I love the white dresses they were wearing. Hey, you wouldn't have to pay me to wear them!  Oh, yah, you probably want to know what I thought about the cars: Tiny. I got in. I did fit but I don't think I even want to test drive it. 

Ok, did I miss Toyota? Yah, I think I did...oh well. Been there, done that. Even though I like Toyota I was there to see stuff I don't see everyday.

So, Subaru showed that Forrester (was it?) that they cut into 3's again. Two parts of the body on the sides and you can see the suspension and springs on the inside. Fun. All I can think of is this car smashing into pieces. Think happy thoughts :)

Next: Audi. So, there's a line-up to get into the R8. Not my favourite anyways. Pass. A4, A6, S5 all on my Richter scale. I think I'm in heaven. Someone comes up to me and asks me if they have a 2-door. I tell him that Audi does but I don't work there. He laughs. What is funny was there was this girl who was giving away Audi calendars if you fill out something but her blazer was low-cut so that this guy standing at the right angle could look directly down. I got a chuckle out of it but said nothing.


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Some Impressions From Toronto Auto Show Part 1

So, I caved - I went on Sunday. First Impressions: Hybrid GM SUVs at the escalator. Yawn - seen it. Yes, GM is taking an interest in hybrids. Yes, they are giving whopping discounts on the large vehicle line-up...just thought it was funny that they were next to green plants.. I get it already!! NEXT!

At the top of the escalator is a line-up of Fiats - with graffiti'd hoods. I guess the dealers kids got bored? No, it was purposely done...and of course, you can't get into them because the doors are locked. Teaser! Funny thought: the Fiat next to the Hybrid GM SUV downstairs - which one has better mileage? I'm sure they both come close but add full cargo and people? (pondering). And the size - seems like a waste of money on a 2-seater (yes, those seats at the back - not really seats. Big enough for my purse though!).

More thoughts on: Hyundai, Toyota, GM, Audi and more soon.

Friday, 18 February 2011

To Go or not To Go; That is the Question

So, I have my tickets for the Toronto International AutoShow. I went to the SteamWhistle VIP Party yesterday and now I'm anxious to go. Only thing: I'm like a kid in a candy store and I don't want to share the cars with everyone else. I want to touch everything and not wait to look at them. So does that means this weekend is out of the question? I don't know...and Monday is Family Day! So, I'm staying away like the plague...but does that mean Saturday will have less traffic? Oh, to go or not to go!!!!! That is the question.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Not your typical gal..

Just a little introduction for you: I'm not your typical gal, in that, I'm quirky, my likes might make you wonder, I'm a little crazy when it comes to my cars and my professional background and progression, well, completely out of wack. Having said all that, I hope I don't bore you with my rants. Just know that if I care about something or I believe it, I'll have comments....more than a have been pre-warned! I bid you adieu, if you cannot handle a headstrong woman with crazy ideas and ways of doing things but if not: STAY TUNED!