Tuesday, 19 April 2011

BMW: Return your Iphone for a Blackberry

So my BMW Rep comes to see me to talk over what we have in the pipeline (meaning: status of ordered vehicles for my clients) only to ask me what phone I use. I tell him I'm going to be upgrading - probably an Iphone. "Oh, no" he says. Blackberry all the way - but it has to have OS-6 (operating system). He goes on to tell me the QMS system (?) in the BMWs is now a powered by RIM. RIM swooped in to get the Bimmer biz and now all 2011 BMWs (with the technology package) have awesome integration. So, whether you want some no-emotion "bot" to read out your texts or the navigation to take the address out of your client's v-card and map it for you, you'll be loving every minute of it. Oh, did I mention multi-tasking to the max: Email via Bluetooth!! Get your emails on the screen or send them via Bluetooth. 

This is your boss's answer to paid slavery and now you have literally no excuse that you couldn't respond. Poor you - but hey, you did get the boss to lease you a 2011 BMW right? Small victory right? or hours of torture to repay his/or her kindness?

Imagine this said "Don't come in - You're Fired". Think it would cause an accident?

So, I'm sold on the feature - Am I trading in my car for a new BMW?  Hell, no! GM what's taking you so long? Pick up the phone, call up RIM, ask them if they would like to be in 5% of the 592,545 units you sold in the last quarter in the US alone. Start pulling rank! I want this option in 2012 Cadillacs and I won't be telling anyone that I have it!

Video Demo:

GM sales number source

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