Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Stop With the Teasing!

When I was on the salesfloor at my GM Dealer in 2008, I was furious when GM put a whopper incentive on the G8. That hunk of metal is worth it's weight in gold, seriously, why would they whore their product?? I know, I know, the gas prices had spiked and sales were excuse! Either way, I have always loved that car. My only pet peeve: that stryker blue colour? Only available on the V6 - WTF? Whoever was in marketing at GM, I hope they got canned in the shake-up. Only on the V6? We all know the owners of the V6's are panzies - what makes you think they'd go for that hot blue? Morons...
Well, all this teasing now at MotortrendGM Inside News, etc. it's all not fair. Bring it back or don't - stop the teasing!!
Also, I don't think it'll look as good with a Chevrolet logo :(
Check out my baby in blue
Now that's what I call a front grill!
Lame-o! Chev grill put on the G8

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