Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sexy Comes Standard & Imagine All the fun You Can Have in the Back

I was online reading and Mark Atkinson for MSN Autos had mentioned a Florida Ford Dealer giving away Free Fords if it rains on April 8th more than 1 inch. I had to check out the ad, so I did (only because I was hoping it would be "cheeky" and make me laugh). I think what I was hoping for was more shock-value. Being bored of the same old "come-on-down to XYZ dealer ----" I was anticipating an ad like Subaru's Sexy Comes Standard. This commercial is NOT appealing AT ALL but honestly, it is all I think about when someone mentions Subaru now - and I can't forget the slogan. Damn ad agency! Should be fired (or more like given a raise!)

The Subaru ad, though, does not compare (memorable-wise) to an old car commercial someone had sent me maybe 1-2 years ago where he mentions customers being "raped" over deals, the owner and what he'd do with their money, etc etc.  Honestly, this is the type of commercial, I think, the owner might as well have burned his money and not made the commercial. I wish there was some data that showed if this commercial actually aired, when, if it brought in business, and just how much. Seriously, did the owner/manager/someone think that people would come down and drop their hard-earned money to purchase with them???? Either way, it makes me laugh every time but it doesn't make me want to buy or spark an interest - and isn't that what commercials are supposed to do? What do I know, right?

I did find a website though that has videos of all makes and their commercials (like a data-bank). I think for the coming weeks I am going to have a field day just watching all of them...

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