Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Seriously: Am I the only one?

Ok, so I watched a re-watched some of Transformers: The Movie because it was on TV. Am I the only one who watches car chases/highway scenes and tries to identify everything (make-wise) that's on the road? Or am I the only one who complains when they use older year models in a movie that is supposed to be present-day, come on!! Stop being cheap! I'm sure GM wanted to give up some cars so you could destroy them! Maybe Toyota? They had a lot of cars sitting on the lots last year (tongue in cheek!). Let's destroy a Highlander, no? Or please, destroy the Prius - I'd pay the see that!

“So it’s not beautiful, it’s not fast, it’s not particularly economical, not desperately safe, and now it turns out it isn’t even bulletproof.”
taken from: http://angryjanitor.com/

Waiting to see that redesigned Camaro on a huge theatre screen - worth every penny. But say, a movie like, From Paris with Love? You put old Escalades, old Euro trash on the road, come on. It detroyed the highway scene if you ask me. You think that's why it tanked at the box-office? Hmmm, maybe! (Or so, I'd like to think it's the reason).

From Paris with Love
Not a bad movie but they could've spent more money to make it better

Come to think of it: I may be the only one. Sad.

(P.S Check the "what is a prius good for?" Video --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOvp69lnZbA)

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