Thursday, 10 March 2011

Gotta Love the Car Biz

So this week would be one I would consider the reason I got into the car business: Strong-arming banks to finance a customer who may be slightly over-extended get into that car he so deserves because he works so hard or getting a recently landed Permanent Resident to Canada - with no credit - get approved and buy a brand new Toyota, or maybe the couple who have not bought a new car for 11 years get into that new Kia for the family. I don't know which story is better or which I would consider a bigger success than the others but they were all fulfilling for me - very selfish - yes! To see the smile on their faces is actually worth more than money to me (did I say that?!).  When I think about, it seems crazy. Maybe I'm just wired wrong? No, I definitely found getting the customer what they wanted, being that facilitator, was something I enjoyed. I remember getting those extra units of Nintendo64 or the PS3 when they were the hottest gift at Christmas and I got those favourite customers of mine a system so their kids would be the happiest on the planet - ALL WORTH IT! 

Years later, different business, still crazy. Ok, crazy about making things happen for my clients :)

Gotta love the car biz.

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