Friday, 9 December 2011

Nice Girls CAN get Rich..

Interestingly enough I do read even though I am out of school. I have noticed the type of person I am and if I am not learning something, whether it's a new job or new software (whatever), I get bored. It is probably just something wrong in my make up! Anyways, I saw this book on the library shelf and being in sales, I am easily sold, and this title did it: Nice Girls Don't Get Rich (pic below)

It was an easy read and she makes you take a self-assessment test in the beginning to see where you might need some help and tells you to jump to those chapters. Interestingly, I scored pretty high in most catagories - guess I am just not one of those nice girls Lois is talking about. Never the less, I forged on to see if I could find some category where I was falling short in and maybe to gain some insight.

I really enjoyed it and now have the 1st book of hers on CD that I will do different this time and listen to: Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office...even though I'm not in a corporate setting...

Some cool things she noted was:

  • Money can't buy you happiness and neither can poverty - sounds stupid and straightfoward but true
  • Plant Some Seeds - ? What? She says there is no better way to learn patience than to nuture growth from seeds - something I will consider....maybe....
  • Women Working at a Salary Less than we are worth - raises never materializing, maybe we don't ask or negotiate well, and trading pay for flexible hours
  • Work on your "Sense of Entitlement" - CHECK!
  • Women NOT charging for their services - stop it!
  • Not succumbing to Sales Pressure - she recommends using a Car Broker for a an automobile purchase - thanks Lois, appreciate the plug :) :)
Anyways, I'm off to plug the cd into my car and hopefully I'll enjoy her previous work.

Have an awesome weekend all..

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