Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Mission Complete: Promote the BMW i8

Christmas tradition is to watch a movie after all the festivities. This year: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. I remember opening 75 copies (in 1 store) for rental on I think Mission Impossible 2 when it came on video. They all made money and it was a wise investment - thanks Paramount Studios and my customer base of course :)

I enjoyed all the previous installments so why not this one right? Oh, and I like Simon Pegg and I think Paula Patton is a good looking lady. So the cast and previous "pre-quels" did it for me so it was an easy sell....

Some cool things about the movie? They showed (I think) a clip of every scene in the beginning as like a countdown. Other cool thing? Tom Cruise - "Nice Jet. Wait 'til you see the Car". Of course at this point I had completely forgotten which car was supposed to be in this movie and I was thinking "What's the car??"

You see it at the entrance of the Dubai Hotel, the BMW i8. Pretty car is all I can say.

I'm thinking "pretty" may not cut it.

Paula with the i8

Love at First Sight

Interior Shot

Nice Front End

 Either way you're thinking "was it a good movie?" and the answer would be YES but I think I  wanted more crazy stunts. But I did love the Dubai hotel scene - don't worry you'll see it!
Have a great New Year all if you don't hear from me sooner..

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  1. I forgot to mention that I was kind of upset that Ving Rhames didn't play a bigger part.