Friday, 30 December 2011

New Years: Good News - You Don't Die!

As the year comes to a close I sit here trying to look back at all my "1st"s (or new experiences) and see what I tried that scared the living sh$%t out of me but did it anyways and I've come up with this:

  • Tried SnowBoarding (awful bruising on my right leg!)
  • Took out a 2-seater boat on the TO harbour (being so close to water you can't see the bottom of, not the "funnest")
  • Cut cheques against property I won't take possesion of until after I die (exaggeration; I'm in pre-contruction)
  • First Stamp on my Passport (1st vacay; went to Barbados)
  • First Submarine Ride (Atlantis Submarine - 142ft)
  • Sat in a Concorde (and experienced the simulated Sonic Boom)
  • Became a Mentor (never realized that I was actually in demand to give advice or guidance in business and personal life)

There are more I'm sure; small but monumental "victories" that I conquered this year but one is sticking out. Maybe it is because I just came back and it is fresh in my mind or that it still scares me to this minute....

I stood at the North-est Point (the North Point) of Barbados (the island) and watched the rough Atlantic Ocean crash against the rocks. Not realizing how high I actually was I looked across and saw the rock and watched the water crash against it. It was gorgeous and scary. Thoughts like someone falling over and dying instantly..are there sharks?...I am so high that rock is smooth..OMG the water is breaking this peice eventually going to break and fall in? I need to move back!!

Either way I survived and didn't fall in!

Funny Sign eh? You are the top though, nowhere to go from here: backwards or the water babe!

I guess that should go for the New Year also: Scary but I won't die! And neither will you :)

Over and Out...See you Next Year.

(Here are the links to my short videos of both sides of the North Point Right Side, Left Side . They may not do justice to see how high up you are but if you've been let me know your thoughts!)


  1. What a great way to pave the way for others! It is a great feeling to confront any fear and make it fall away. Congratulations, Nishad, on what I believe is only the very "beginning" of many more of such adventures!

  2. Thanks Sean! I do hope it is the beginning :) ...thinking the Battle and War analogy !

  3. I think Nishad should be a full-time novelist.

  4. Thanks for the compliment Everything and Anything - never thought about it but I think I am going to consider it :)

  5. That's good and it's easier then drawing