Monday, 20 June 2011

Ms. Lead-foot vs a 2012 Ford Focus Hatchback

I have spent one day with a car that isn't mine. I feel like I have been cheating! Thanks to Denys (the Menace) at Enterprise Car Rental I was driving a 2012 Ford Focus Hatchback to work for 1 day. Built on the Ford C1 platform and it uses the 2.0L inline 4 cylinder engine (and a 6-speed auto tranny).

Here is what I thought...

First Impression?

Is that a Ford? or a Volvo C30? It looks a lot like the C30 but with a Ford price tag - nice!
It is really cute - nice curves - aggressive front grill!
This car should sell well...

Who would I aim this car at?

Young, probably female driver.

What did I like the best?

Looks and options. The options were great. Heated Seats, sunglass holder, leather wrapped steering wheel, 8" touch screen.

What was it missing?


What did I like least?

Power and acceleration. I tried to merge from a 50 km/hr ramp to 80 km/hr street and found it wouldn't climb fast enough. Later I tried to merge onto the 401 (HWY) at 60-70 and climbing tried to get in front of a Chevrolet Silverado to no avail. It was a slow climb to 100-110 km/hr but when it got there it was fine (no real noise from the engine).

Would I buy this car?

Not for my lead foot. For a younger sibling? For sure, and with Ford Canada offering Employee Pricing right now, it's a great time to do it.
Volvo C30
Check out the grill on this baby!

Nice BIG wrap around lights

So cute - but it's not small!
Back-end is like other hatch's - nice wide opening for maybe a TV Box, or an exercise machine.
Hopefully this gives you a feel for the length - which is close to Wagon-length

Extra Mirror in a Mirror - which I checked does help with cars in your side blindspot.
Large, good-looking tail-lights.

Titanium edition includes: 8" touch Screen, Sony 10 speakers, Satellite Radio, Heated Seats, Puddle Lights!

Comfy fabric seats. If you have kids I recommend fabric protection.

Seats at the back drop down in a 60/40 split. Also there is a "faux" lid that hides what's in your cargo space.
Photo of the "faux" lid

Sony, baby! Not Bose but Sony is pretty good.

Heated Seats??!! And yes, there is a 12V outlet.

8" Touch Screen - fun to customize !

Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel and the controls are all in reach. The Steering Wheel is a bit on the small size and gave me a "girly" feel.

Sunglass holder in the roof! Good thing they didn't forget this small but important thing.

Nice hard plastic on the doors - will take a good beating from shoes, etc.

Sources: Ford; Volvo

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