Wednesday, 15 June 2011

GM Camaro Plant Open House Photo Diary Part 2

Cont'd as promised...

Cover yourself ! You should be ashamed !

Check out the interior package

Robotic Arm carrying the convertible Camaro top

Interior shot with the dash in already

This is the dash believe it or not

See! I told you! This is all behind the dashboard and the other side is in the interior of the cabin

Ok, if you can decipher this I'l buy you a how many mistakes is what I want to know?! 

Before the dash again..

How can you eat in the middle of work? Seriously?! 

There's the convertible top being fitted in. Now what I don't understand is the sign SEO - Ditch Molding - do they really need to optimize their search engine at this point in manufacturing?!!

OOOO - She's gonna be a pretty one

Bridget, what exactly was this picture supposed to show?

She's being air-lifted!

Check it out there's a chick on the assembly line! (p.s. there was a few)

Transport above our heads - moving doors!

We took a picture of this why?

I was very tempted to hit buttons here - think it would stop production?

What the??? Is that a Buick Regal? I thought those were produced alongside the Opel Insignia is Germany!

Turns out it is and they are going to be produced in Oshawa now - yay Oshawa!

Blew up the picture so you can see an entire chunk of the assembly line - do you think Henry Ford's original line looked different?

Up goes those doors....

Like a roller-coaster of doors - Bridget's comment, not mine.

Camaro door 

Interior Camaro door
Add just in case you didn't know what kind of car was being built here  - there is a picture of the nameplate

Wait, the Camaro is a 2door - how are there 2 doors for one side - is this for the Buick? God! you need to explain, we are getting confused here!
Eureka! Seats!




  1. The two doors on the carrier are buick doors. The carriers are double sided so after one side of the carrier is emptied it goes up then comes down on the other side of the vehicle with the buick doors ready to come off.

    Hope you had fun!

  2. Thanks!! I must have lost my tour guide by that point! And I did :)