Thursday, 16 June 2011

GM Camaro Plant Open House Photo Diary Part 3

Are you tired yet? Well Bridget wasn't....there are more pictures!

P.S. Any fun poked at either a GM Employee or GM in general, it was all in good fun. I appreciate the tour - Thanks again General Motors Oshawa.

Buick Baby!

Warning on the floor!

Map of the Plant Facilities

You are here !

3 guesses as to what this is!

This is the undercarriage of the Camaro


This is actually going to be inserted underneath the Camaro

Springs, Engine, all the front parts under the hood and around the wheels


Ok, these 2 are getting married (or so the GM ambassador put it)!



Almost there...


One more snap and it should be in place..

There we go...

It's in!


Using the Robotic Arm to lift it

Spin it around

And push it off!

Flying Camaro's!

Front Bumper/Skirt being put on

Back Bumper/Skirt being put on

Almost on!

Front again..

It fits!

Car is being driven to a test bay to check the rotation on the tires and to make sure the headlights are shining correctly

Checking the gauges - the HORN works!

I got to sign the THANK YOU GM! Board

There I am:  LUV YA - NISHA !

C'est Fini :)

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