Thursday, 24 February 2011

Some Impressions From Toronto Auto Show Part 2

So, next up was Hyundai. I really think with their new designs they are positioned to cause serious threat to Toyota, GM, and Ford. Good thing we have some great Hyundai dealers with us. When they blow up, we will to. Only thing: their leasing sucks. Fine! it's decent, but their residuals are lower than I think they should be. Enough with my complaints..That Elantra, I had to take a double-take. Is that seriously the car I use to get ill looking at? Yah, that's the one! Nice looking compact. Move over Corolla (#1 selling vehicle in the world)! That Genesis coupe: also nice. Did I mention when I was working for a GM dealer I lost 2 deals to that Genesis Coupe and 3 to the Elantra Touring? I should hate Hyundai, but I digress. The Genesis Sedan: I think I'm in love, seriously. The re-designed Sonata, also top notch. Is there something I don't like in their line-up? Thinking.....I'm not the biggest Accent fan, or the Santa-Fe, but I like the Tucson.

Me in the Genesis

Oh yah...they also had their funky plug-in hybrid on a spinner. Check out the pictures.

Check out the cool blue back-lighting

It plugs in where?

Suicide Doors!!!

Funky Interior

Welcome to the future, babe!

Ok, next: VW. The New Jetta, GTI Golf, the EOS - Anyone want a $40,000 VW Coupe? I find VW interiors very boring. Am I the only one?

In funky blue, no doubt.

Ok, Chrysler...Did you know they were re-doing their interiors? Guess, I wasn't paying attention. And Jeep - my favourite! They also had a nice Blue Wrangler there.

Yes, it was manual!

There I am pointing out the name on the car

Moving on.. Fiat. I think the best thing about their booth was the girls. Every single one of them was good-looking and I love the white dresses they were wearing. Hey, you wouldn't have to pay me to wear them!  Oh, yah, you probably want to know what I thought about the cars: Tiny. I got in. I did fit but I don't think I even want to test drive it. 

Ok, did I miss Toyota? Yah, I think I did...oh well. Been there, done that. Even though I like Toyota I was there to see stuff I don't see everyday.

So, Subaru showed that Forrester (was it?) that they cut into 3's again. Two parts of the body on the sides and you can see the suspension and springs on the inside. Fun. All I can think of is this car smashing into pieces. Think happy thoughts :)

Next: Audi. So, there's a line-up to get into the R8. Not my favourite anyways. Pass. A4, A6, S5 all on my Richter scale. I think I'm in heaven. Someone comes up to me and asks me if they have a 2-door. I tell him that Audi does but I don't work there. He laughs. What is funny was there was this girl who was giving away Audi calendars if you fill out something but her blazer was low-cut so that this guy standing at the right angle could look directly down. I got a chuckle out of it but said nothing.


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