Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Some Impressions From Toronto Auto Show Part 1

So, I caved - I went on Sunday. First Impressions: Hybrid GM SUVs at the escalator. Yawn - seen it. Yes, GM is taking an interest in hybrids. Yes, they are giving whopping discounts on the large vehicle line-up...just thought it was funny that they were next to green plants.. I get it already!! NEXT!

At the top of the escalator is a line-up of Fiats - with graffiti'd hoods. I guess the dealers kids got bored? No, it was purposely done...and of course, you can't get into them because the doors are locked. Teaser! Funny thought: the Fiat next to the Hybrid GM SUV downstairs - which one has better mileage? I'm sure they both come close but add full cargo and people? (pondering). And the size - seems like a waste of money on a 2-seater (yes, those seats at the back - not really seats. Big enough for my purse though!).

More thoughts on: Hyundai, Toyota, GM, Audi and more soon.

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