Sunday, 27 February 2011

Automotive Darwinism

I don’t know who coined the term but it’s very fitting. According to CNNMoney, Volvo announced that it is killing off its V70 Wagon and it’s giving the V50 Wagon one year to prove itself. Death to the Station Wagon!

So little room for improvement that Volvo decided to kill it

Delayed death for the V50

Supposedly the transition started after the 1973 oil crisis when American buyers were turning away from them to cut their gas bills. The 1980’s – the minivan was the designated people mover (damn Chrysler!). The 1990’s – SUVs. The 2000’s – Crossovers.

Even though Volvo has decided to kill off this species other brands like Audi, Mercedes, and BMW are still offering wagons and of course the new contender: Cadillac, with the CTS Wagon.  Ford also has the Flex, which they seem to keep far away from the word "wagon" (calling it a CUV) – go figure! I guess, the word will kill sales?

Ford's "it's not a wagon" Flex Crossover

It will be a shame to see them go but as Charles Darwin said “its not survival of the strongest but survival of the fittest”!

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