Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Fine Art of Friendly Automotive Devaluation

You're heading back to your car from a function and you've been pre-chosen as the designated driver. Scoping out the lot and there is a smorgasbord of choices. Line 2 has 4 black sedans and one could be mine only I parked in Line 5.

Having friends that are into cars and some not is a blessing but I must clarify: I do not own every black sedan. "Oh this isn't it?" No ! I'm thinking in the back of my mind: my friend just insulted my taste - thanks friend. So I feel for all you people trying to impress the automotive-uneducated. There is just no winning: your 70k suv could be mistaken for one priced at 24k. Ouch ! It's worse than the first year depreciation curse. Your ego is crushed; the car's not even worth it's monthly payment. Sorry folks, be happy that they remember your name at that point and get over it. Just remember the time when another friend got into your car or saw your ride and said 'damnnn' - ya, that's how you roll while you are rubbing your knuckles against your shirt! 

All I got to say is it might be time for new friends...

Ok, I got one more thing to say:

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