Monday, 16 May 2011

Pay your Bills or I'll buzz you every 5 minutes

Imagine cruising down the freeway, wind blowing in your hair, in your "new-to-you" convertible which you practically stole off the dealer lot. 

Now imagine a repetitious annoying noise going off every 5 minutes. Is it the seat belt warning? No, it's a reminder to pay your monthly payment. 

Now, Rocky Mountain Tracking of Fort Collins, Colo., offers a device that, in addition to tracking, vehicles can be remotely activated to buzz loudly every five minutes when a payment is missed.

Whatever happened to just cutting the gasoline to the engine so the car shuts off? This "brainy" company has invented a product which will probably cause more PR problems than solving the dilemma of getting people to pay their car loans. Do they really think that an annoying sound would be a good motivator to pay their bills? (good, because neither did I).

Some "brainy" ideas to beat this system:

  • Installing a BOSE stereo system to over-power the sound of the buzzer

  • Rip it out
  • Ask your lawyer if it violates any of your rights & threaten legal action
  • I can't think of anything else at the moment

Simple Solution:

  • Pay on time !!!

(Source: Autoweek)

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