Saturday, 21 January 2012

Gunze Metzia - Absolute Miracle

While I don't think projecting the new year results and going over last year is the "funnest" thing to do, it's a necessary evil. My operations manager was listing off my deals and landed on a few from one client. He says: "Oh yes, I remember this. I don't know how you pulled that off but you did". If you are wondering, I helped a commercial client finance out their remaining leases that had matured. That doesn't sound hard right? Well, let's just say the banks are all refusing to finance companies with their over-km, 3-4 year old cars. But that part was the easiest in the process. I had 20 other stumbling blocks ahead! On with my story - He continued - "It was a Gunze Metzia - Absolute Miracle" (In Yiddish). Thinking about it I said "you know you're right - wow I should pat myself on the back. That was fun. But I got it done!" So, starting the year off our projections with one of the nicest compliments I've received was awesome. So here is my thanks: to my client for their faith, to my OpsMan for the back-up, and thanks for parents/school teachers/previous business experience for the creative thinking.... I couldn't have done it without you :) :)

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